Legends of Tomorrow's Big Avalance Kiss From Season 5 Premiere Wasn't in the Script

The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow is known for some truly memorable moments as the team of [...]

The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow is known for some truly memorable moments as the team of somewhat misfit heroes work to protect the timeline, situations that almost always guarantee a zany adventure, be it taking on demons or plush children's toys turned Norse gods. That said, not all of the great moments in Legends are found in the show's script. Some come from improvisation and that includes a memorable kiss from the show's Season 5 premiere.

In the season premiere, the Legends find themselves having to deal with a not-so-dead Rasputin in Imperial Russia circa 1917. At the same time, the Legends are being filmed for a documentary film as a way to get funding for their operation since the Time Bureau was defunded after the events of last season's "Hey World". At some point during a fight with Rasputin, after having been a bit on the outs during the episode, Sara (Caity Lotz) and Ava (Jes McCallan) literally kiss and make up. As it turns out, that scene is one the actors improvised and it just so happened to make it into the episode.

After the episode, Lotz took to social media to comment that it was fun that the outtake had made it into the episode proper. "So this was not planned.... fun when outtakes make it in lol," Lotz captioned a clip of the kiss in question. You can check it out below.

While the Legends may have ultimately been able to deal with the Rasputin issue, they are going to continue to have more threats of a similar nature to content with as Season 5 continues. During the Season 4 finale, several dead historical figures were released from Hell by Astra Logue (Olivia Swann), setting the stage for some these new complications.

"In the finale, we are going to see a terribly nuanced version of Astra." showrunner Phil Klemmer told ComicBook.com last year. "She, unlike most people in Hell, isn't going to appear evil through and through. Should we have the chance to continue the story next season, there's a flipside to the coin of this girl -- now woman -- who resents him and had been corrupted by her experience. She blames him for everything that went wrong in her life. Again, I feel like there's a chance to get underneath all that. For us, it's just always about revealing new sides of these characters that you think you know inside and out."

"I never would have thought that John Constantine would fit in with the Legends and onboard the Waverider, but I think for next season, we want to keep digging deep on this guy, because obviously he feels pretty bottomless." Klemmer added. "He's a bottomless pit of darkness, but also, there's no end to the pathos and the tragedy. There is such a pure impulse to what John does. Beneath all the self-loathing, he's such noble man. I guess that's why we keep wanting to know what happens next, because it's like he's endlessly fascinating."