Matt Ryan on Constantine's Role on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

A bunch of new and old faces are set to return to Legends of Tomorrow's fourth season, and it looks like that will mean something special for one fan-favorite. got to chat with the cast and crew of Legends of Tomorrow during this month's San Diego Comic-Con, where they discussed what fans can expect in Season 4. For Matt Ryan, who will reprise his role as demonologist John Constantine, becoming a series regular on Legends has proved to be a bit of a blessing.

"It's always a difficult thing, as an actor, going on to do guest roles." Ryan explained in our interview, which you can check out above. "And I've not really done much of that myself. Coming onto the set with all of these guys, and playing with that, has just been the most welcoming [experience]. John is a brash character, he takes up space as soon as he walks in the room, you know? He's an arrogant, self-centered, cynical magician. And me as a person, I think I'm completely different. And you know, you walk on to set and you kind of show your bravado, like 'Sorry, guys! I'm not really like that! You know, I have to be a bit of an a-hole.' And they've just made me feel so welcome."

Ryan, who has been portraying the character off and on since 2014's Constantine series, is excited to see what Legends is able to unpack about the character.

"And you know, I've been playing this character now for four years." Ryan added. "And it's great to kind of get to explore this character in this context, with all of these guys, and all these different relationships. And it's great to still be playing John after all of this time."

After Ryan made several scene-stealing appearances on Legends of Tomorrow's third season, fans were absolutely delighted to hear that his version of Constantine would be coming back in a larger role. But according to showrunner Phil Klemmer, Legends' goal will be to keep Constantine exactly how he is.

"I had not really realized the fervor of [Constantine's] fandom," Klemmer told earlier this year. "I sort of accidentally discovered it. Honestly, we put him on the show just because we wanted him on the show. There's no cynical calculation of trying to accumulate somebody else's fans. I think we have fun with our characters. Having Tala Ashe on the show...she's cool. If I just needed an adjective to describe her, she is a cool lady. I feel the same way about Constantine and Matt. We wanted just a counterpoint to our Legends....Personally, I can't imagine Constantine having quarters on the Waverider. I want to keep him Constantine. I don't want to ever have a scene of him having to do his laundry because to me, guys like Constantine, they always have clean clothes. Who knows where they come from? I don't want to see that scene."


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The season four premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, which is titled "The Virgin Gary", will debut on Monday, October 22nd, at 9/8c on The CW.