Meet The New Legion of Superheroes

The new Legion of Superheroes has finally been introduced in Future State: Legion of Superheroes. With every new generation, there comes a time for a new lineup of Legionnaires. Blok, Bouncing Boy, Brainiac 7, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Duo Damsel, Ferro Lad, Monster Boy, Lightning Lass, Shadow Lass, Superboy IV, and Ultra Boy are all in tow for the newest iteration of the team in Issue #1. After one of their number betrays the group, it’s up to the remaining kids to band together to fight for the universe and their futures. If you’re a longtime Legion fan, there are some fun nods to the expansive continuity across multiple decades. But, this is the future of the DC Universe and from the looks of that first issue, things are looking bright. Check out the entire team standing together down below:

future state legion final
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Brian Michael Bendis’ work with the team has drawn a lot of attention over the last few ears. There have been some positive contributions to the team overall. The introduction of the Gold Lantern has been a particular bright spot for fans looking for something steeped in the tradition of the older stories, but forging their own paths. The Legion is not always a property that gets top billing over at DC. But, the writer thinks that they are super important and Bendis was energized to get to work on another iteration of the heroes. He spoke to about what the team meant to him a little while ago.

“It's an enormous task, and the most fun I've ever had. I'm literally vibrating when I'm writing it, it's so exciting. Because there's a feeling people get from Legion, and the people who have been missing it all this time. Legion gives you a very special, almost uniquely potent feeling of imagination and hope. It's almost like the whole theme of DC Comics, but amplified by how it's laid out,” Bendis said. “The people who want it are desperate for it, and so our job is to give that feeling -- but the modern version of it. It's an enormous task that we've been working on literally since I walked in the door at DC.”

What do you think of the new Legion lineup? Any of your favorites missing? Let us know in the comments!