'Lucifer' Season 4 to Introduce Major New Character

During our recent, sprawling, commentary-style interview with Lucifer executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, some of the biggest early conflicts between the producers and the studio and network were the times when Henderson and Modrovich wanted to delve into the mythology behind Lucifer, which flew in the face of an understanding by the money people that the show would be more or less a police procedural.

It appears as though, heading into a fourth season and with a rabid fan base behind them, the pair are going to delve into a new area of the mythology when the series comes back to Netflix.

According to TVLine, Henderson revealed that "season 4 will introduce a character from Lucifer's past who will 'bring a whole new dimension to everything.'"

The character in question will not be Azrael, according to the story, although given that the Azrael-involved episode "Boo Normal" was filmed as part of season four, it would not be surprising to see that character make an appearance along the way.

Of course, when we spoke with Henderson and Modrovich, they joked about the season four big bad being Dan Espinoza, the character played by Kevin Alejandro.

"The running joke in the room is that Dan has developed a taste for murder," Henderson said. "In season two, he and Maze helped basically kill the guy who killed Chloe's dad, so the joke became that he had gotten a taste, and now, he can't help himself. So whenever Dan's not onscreen, it's because he's murdering someone."

When we suggested that maybe he was part of an Azrael cult, Modrovich deadpanned "He's got a very dark side."


...So watch out for that! Not really, but, y'know. It's at least funny to think about, and maybe that will end up being a bonus episode down the line.

Lucifer, cancelled on FOX and saved by fan enthusiasm, is heading into production on its fourth season for Netflix soon. The series will be represented at Comic Con International in San Diego next month, and the fourth season is likely to debut on Netflix in the early part of 2019.