'Lucifer': Tom Ellis Is Ripped in New Workout Photo

When Lucifer's fourth season debuts on Netflix, the Devil will have never looked so good.

Series star Tom Ells took to Instagram this weekend to share a picture showing off his ripped physique in a new workout photo as well as all the hard work it's taken to get him into his new, buff shape.

"3 months of Training, 2 hours a day. 6 days a week. A tailored died and more water than I've ever drank has got me almost to my goal. Thank you @paolomascitti for your encouragement and motivation. Can't believe I actually enjoy the gym now. Nearly there #DevilTraining" Ellis captioned the photo.

As you can see in the photo, the hard work has paid off and fans might get to enjoy the transformation as well. Ellis also posted a behind-the-scenes photo of what appears to be a modesty pouch recently, teasing fans that they might just get to see the Devil himself in the buff. And the idea of a nude scene -- or at least one showing off Ellis' backside -- is one that's been around from the very beginning. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of San Diego Comic-Con last month, Ellis said that showrunner Joe Henderson has been on something of a mission to bare Lucifer's -- and thus, Ellis' -- backside in the series for a while.

"Obviously, there are certain different boundaries that we can play within now," the actor said. "I think Joe Henderson, our showrunner, has been adamant that he wants to have my bum on screen for three seasons and now we can finally do that."

The show has teased nudity previously, though network constraints by FOX kept those teases to more of an implication, particularly in the first season episode "Manly Whatnots" in which Lucifer attempts to seduce Chloe. With Netflix being a bit less strict, nudity appears to be a real possibility. A glimpse at Lucifer's backside isn't the only shift the show will see now that it's found a new home on Netflix, either. Ellis explained that one of the major changes in the show's leap from broadcast television to streaming was a reduction in episodes. However, Ellis didn't see this as a bad thing at all.

"I'm excited about the fact that we are 10 episodes now as opposed to 22, which means we can get right down to the storytelling, and every episode will count," Ellis said. "From my point of view as an actor, that's great."


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Lucifer's fourth season does not yet have a release date, though it is likely to debut sometime in late 2019 on Netflix.