DC's 'Lobo' Eyeing Michael Bay as Director

Michael Bay's Lobo Movie

DC's "Main Man" Lobo has had a live-action movie in the planning or development stages since the '90s, but now it seems the project is moving forward with a big name director possibly attached.

The Wrap reports that Transformers franchise director Michael Bay is being eyed by DC Films and Warner Bros. to direct the Lobo movie! It's reported that DC/WB sees Lobo as their potential Deadpool-style adult superhero blockbuster, and think Bay would be the man to oversee it.

Right now, it's reported that Bay has met with the studio, and "gave some notes" for a rewrite of the script by Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs. The rewrite will apparently determine if Bay takes the job or not.

Lobo falls into much of the same territory as Deadpool. It's the story of a very anti-hero type of hero, who curses, kills, and inebriates his way through some kind of quest. While Lobo doesn't break the fourth wall, per se, he is a full of violent one-liners and wit that will keep his dialogue snappy. Throw in the Han Solo angle of Lobo being an intergalactic bounty hunter operating in the cosmic underworld, and this is movie is potentially the Guardians of the Galaxy-meets-Deadpool combination that would make any modern studio exec get all warm in the pants...

It's probably no coincidence that this announcement comes on the heels of a string of adult-rated anti-hero movie headlines: Deadpool 2 dropped a trailer, as did Sony's Venom spinoff; DC also just cast a new Joker for that dark origin film - and now, Lobo. Hollywood loves to try to make lightning strike a thousand times, so it'll be interesting to see which of these films turns out to deliver the goods.


We'll keep you updated on the status of (Michael Bay's?) Lobo.