New 'Aquaman' Image With A Hook Released By Director James Wan

Aquaman director James Wan wasted no time kicking the New Year off right. To celebrate the arrival of 2018, Wan released a brand new image for DC Comics highly-anticipated Aquaman movie, which stars Jason Momoa in the title role. Wan wrote, "Happy New Year from the Deep! Here's to a great 2018."

The new photo shows a close-up of Atlantean armor, emblazoned with a squid image. But more telling than the armor is the photo also contains a hook. In a very well-known storyline from the comic series, the villain Charybdis fed Aquaman's hand to piranha. Aquaman's missing hand was then replaced with a hook.


Surely, Wan knows about Aquaman's famous hook, and the inclusion of the hook in the photo was a subtle way of telling fans that Aquaman will lose his hand in the film? However, before the speculation could even really get started, Wan himself took to social media to end any such theories.

In a reply to a tweet asking, "Did James Wan just tease Aquaman's hook hand?", Wan simply replied "No." Of course, the fact that the image isn't intended to tease Aquaman's hook hand doesn't necessarily mean that storyline isn't part of either the upcoming Aquaman movie or a sequel.


Aquaman is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on December 21, 2018.