New The Batman Filming Location Possibly Revealed

DC fans are looking for any little detail they can find in regards to Matt Reeves' upcoming The Batman film, and one fan might have stumbled on a possible filming location for the new project. Twitter user @CardingtonSheds posted some photos and screenshots that make a good case that Cardington will be the locale of some scenes from the upcoming film, including a funeral scene. To be fair, that sounds about right for a Batman movie, as it seems a funeral or the alleyway death of Bruce Wayne's parents is always a part of a Batman story in some form or fashion. As for how this was all put together, it was a combination of a housing estate, the building of a shed, and a tweet announcing a casting opportunity.

The original post states "So this week i have discovered.... 1. They are filming parts of the Robert Pattinson Batman film at Cardington. 2. They are building a Cathedral in Shed 1 for the movie. 3. They are looking for about 500 extras to film there. #Batman".

The next tweet showed the building of the cathedral from Google street view, with the caption "And as you can tell from Google street view, you can get extremely close to the shed that they are filming in as it is now a housing estate right next to the shed."

The next convincing part of the argument comes from the casting announcement by Uni-versal Extras, and you can read that below.


The tweet reads "#Action #FeatureFilm has a huge funeral scene filming in Feb in #Cardington #Befordshire! Looking for people aged 18-70 from all backgrounds, with one thing in common, a #blacksuit! To be considered Make sure you have a photo of you in your best funeralattire on your profile."

Gotta admit, it's probably going to end up being true, but we don't know how long this sequence will be or how prominent it will be in the movie if it ends up being in there at all. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.