Rick, Morty & 'Stranger Things' Dustin Make DC Comics Appearance

DC Comics' Old Lady Harley series from writer Frank Tieri has seen quite a few interesting character appearances, but this week things took a "stranger" turn.

Warning, mild spoilers for Old Lady Harley #3 below.

In today's Old Lady Harley #3, in addition to familiar DC characters, a few characters from outside the DC universe made their appearance -- Rick and Morty from, well, Rick and Morty and Stranger Things' Dustin. None of the characters were directly referenced or named, but it's pretty clear the three characters are being nodded at, especially when it comes to Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo.

stranger things dustin old lady harley
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

The hat, the hair, even the jacket all lines up to the Stranger Things character, and the text on the image makes it clear that you are in fact seeing what you think you're seeing. The issue refers to him as "that kid from that one show" before he and the crew attack Harley and Red Tool.

As for the Rick and Morty reference, that one is a little less obvious. Tucked in near the end of the issue when Harley ends up in Las Vegas to speak with Lobo and find out about what happened to The Joker years and years in the past are two figures that bear more than a passing resemblance to Rick and Morty. You can judge for yourself in the image below.

rick and morty old lady harley
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

The clothing -- especially on "Morty" -- as well as "Rick's" hair seem to be a pretty clever giveaway that in this weird, future timeline of the DC Universe Rick and Morty are hanging out in Las Vegas -- right across from "Booster Golden Nugget".

We have to admit, these are pretty clever references and are largely par for the course with Old Lady Harley. The book is packed with all sorts of borderline bonkers moments which is exactly what fans of the book have come to anticipate with each issue.

And when it comes to anticipation, at least in terms of Stranger Things, fan of the Netflix series has a few more months to wait until the third season of the series debuts on the streaming service.

On New Year's Eve, Netflix released an eerie new Netflix New Year's Eve countdown video and official Season 3 poster, revealing that the series would return to Netflix on July 4, 2018.


Did you notice the Stranger Things and Rick and Morty references in this week's Old Lady Harley? Let us know in the comments below.

Old Lady Harley #3 is on sale now.