'Shazam!' Producer Explains Post-Credits Scene, Sequel Plans

Shazam! offered up a post-credits scene which only the more hardcore DC Comics fans in the audience were able to wrap their heads around. In true to comic book movie fashion, the Warner Bros. film set the stage for a sequel in intriguing fashion but it also leaves the average moviegoer wondering what they just saw.

Spoilers for Shazam! follow. Major spoilers!

After being defeated by Billy Batson and his family, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana was stripped of his powers and locked away in prison. However, a creature which had been locked away at the Rock of Eternity earlier in the film has now left the enchanted location to wreak havoc on the world: Mr. Mind. The character is a bit of head-scratcher when first seen by the average moviegoer seeing as it's literally a talking caterpillar. However, this talking catepillar is actually a genius worm from outer space and the leader of a villainous group called the Monster Society of Evil.

(Photo: DC Comics)

"I think we love the juxtaposition of a super villain, a super genius super villain, basically Lex Luther, but in the body of a space worm," Shazam! producer Peter Safran explained to ComicBook.com. "Just the juxtaposition of this unbelievably smart and villainous character, but in a little worm's body, a space worm. We always thought it was fun. We thought it was a great nod to the history of Shazam! and the characters that go way back with him."

Going back in Shazam!'s history looks like it will continue to be a trend with the sequel. As it turns out, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam was removed from the film as a means to provide both characters with proper origin stories. Now, it looks like the attention will be split between Shazam!'s continued growth and the Monster Society of Evil forming.

"Mister Mind's been around almost as long as Shazam has been around, right?" Safran said. "We just thought it was a really fun way to go. It would be funny even if you didn't know who Mister Mind was, just looking at the way the scene played out would be fun, but if you do know who he is, you think, 'Oh yeah. This is an interesting direction to go. What's going to happen here?'"

As for bringing Mr. Mind's catepillar body to life, the moment was completely computerized and there was nothing on set to represent the creature. "I think what we shot, it was simply just the empty space with the little alcove where we ultimately placed him," Safran explained. "But that's what it was, and you know obviously that [Shazam! director] David Sandberg voiced him in the movie."


As for when fans can expect to see the Shazam! sequel, the future is not one hundred percent clear. However, expect Warner Bros. to make it a priority for a quick turn around. "I think you got kids that are growing up very quickly, so I suspect it sooner rather than later, before Asher [Angel]'s taller than Zack [Levi]."

Shazam! is now playing in theaters.