'Shazam!': Zachary Levi Praises 'Chuck' Mashup Fan Film

In a few months, DC Comics and Warner Bros. will release their latest film that will see the young Billy Batson transform into a superhero in Shazam!, with Zachary Levi playing the title role.

After dabbling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Levi is jumping ship — and the actor has worked his way up to earn his first major superhero role. Levi's breakout role came as the lead role in Chuck, a fan-favorite spy series that played to the actor's comedic strengths.

One fan made waves when they made a mashup trailer, combining scenes from Shazam! with the title sequence of Chuck to comedic effect. The clip earned some praise from Levi himself, who took to social media to point more eyeballs at the creation by David M. Jones.

Levi praised his role as the title character in the upcoming film, telling ComicBook.com during our set visit that Shazam's excitement is right in his wheel house.

"I've been a comic fan since I was a little kid but I don't know it nearly as well as probably everybody sitting in these chairs," Levi shared with ComicBook.com during our Shazam! set visit. "There are two characters that I can think of in all of comics, including DC and Marvel. And it's Billy Batts and then Peter Parker. Those two, to me at least, you get to go on this journey of, instead of it being, 'Oh, I have to save the world again?' and then whatever that is, it's like, 'I get to save the world again?!'"

It sounds like the role will be a lot like Chuck, giving Levi a chance to express his genuine feelings in front of the camera.


"As a nerd who loved and lived this world for so long and still, to some level, that I don't have to restrain myself with the f**king coolness factor is so great," Levi confessed. "I have to act so little, I just get to be me on so many levels and it's great. It's really, really fun."

Fans will get to see Levi's star turn when Shazam! premieres in theaters on April 5th.