Stephen Amell Has an Idea for What Should Happen to Batman If He Ever Shows up in the Arrowverse

If you were to ask fans of The CW's Arrowverse what DC Comics character they would most like to [...]

If you were to ask fans of The CW's Arrowverse what DC Comics character they would most like to see make an appearance on any of the shows -- Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and even Batwoman when that show arrives this fall -- you're likely to get a nearly unanimous answer: Batman. However, while the character has been teased through mentions and even the revelation that he's disappeared, not everyone really wants the Dark Knight to have a place in the Arrowverse -- including Arrow star Stephen Amell. The Oliver Queen actor had a rather interesting idea of what should happen to Batman should the vigilante show up.

During the Arrowverse panel at MCM London last weekend, Amell had a simple request of Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin: he wants him to handle Batman, should the character ever show up.

"If Batman ever shows up in the Arrowverse, can you do me a favor?" Amell asked. "Can you fly him into space and just see what happens?"

That probably wouldn't go well for Batman -- or maybe it would. Batman is generally prepared for weirdly anything, but Amell's comment is a humorous one, especially when one considers that it isn't the first time has made comments about Batman in the Arrowverse. All the way back in 2013, Amell said in an interview that Batman would be his number one character to make a guest appearance, partly because the two heroes would hate one another.

"If I had a number one…well, if I had a number one it would be Batman, of course, because they would hate each other." Amell said. "It would be amazing because so many people have always said that Green Arrow was like a rip-off of Batman. I would just love some piece of dialogue where I'm learning about Bruce Wayne, and I learn that he's a billionaire and that he runs this company and that he's a vigilante at night trying to clean up the streets of Gotham. And I would love to just go, 'Think of something original, Bruce.' That would be amazing, but who knows."

At this point, however, it seems somewhat unlikely that Amell has much to worry about when it comes to Batman showing up in the Arrowverse. As was noted during "Elseworlds" and then reiterated in the trailer for Batwoman, Batman has been missing from Gotham for some time -- which is, in part, why Kate Kane has to take up the cape herself.

Arrow will return this fall on The CW.

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