DC Announces New Strange Adventures Series From Mister Miracle Team & Doc Shaner

DC Comics' newest epic has officially been unveiled. As part of San Diego Comic-Con's Sunday proceedings, DC officially announced a new revival of Strange Adventures, which will be brought to life by Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Evan "Doc" Shaner.

King and Gerads previously collaborated on the Eisner-winning Mister Miracle maxiseries, as well as The Sheriff of Babylon. Shaner's work includes Future Quest, Flash Gordon, and The Terrifics.

Strange Adventures first debuted under the DC banner in the 1950s, providing an outlet for the publisher to adapt and tell new science-fiction titles. As the title went on, it began to feature stories involving the likes of Deadman and Adam Strange and the Atomic Knights. The series has been given several new revivals since 1999, most recently in an 80-page Vertigo one-shot in 2011.

As King teased earlier this year, Strange Adventures will be another twelve-issue series, in the similar vein of the work King and Gerads did on Mister Miracle.

"For me, that 12 issues is perfect." King told ComicBook.com earlier this year. "It just ends up being just a beautiful length. You can sit down and read it all in six hours if you want to, or if you're reading it issue by issue, you know that next year you'll get a new one. That's the format I like the best, 'cause to me it just feels like you're writing a novel."

"If you're looking back at my career, over the past four years I wrote Sheriff of Babylon, Omega Men, The Vision, and Mister Miracle." King continued. "Those are four novels. I could give those to anybody off the street and be like, 'This is a novel with pictures in it.' And I think that's important for the industry to have those. There's something nice about having a complete story in your hands, you're like, 'I did this.'"

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Strange Adventures will begin to be released in 2020.