'Suicide Squad' to Introduce New DC Character

The newest member of the DC Comics Universe is on the way!On Monday morning, Suicide Squad writer [...]

The newest member of the DC Comics Universe is on the way!

On Monday morning, Suicide Squad writer Rob Williams revealed that the latest issue of the DC team-up series would be introducing the world to DC's latest character, The Wall.

Williams, who began writing the series when DC's Rebirth kicked off in 2016, made the announcement on Twitter. "In Suicide Squad #35 - the first issue of our next arc - we're introducing a brand new character to the DCU - THE WALL. Art here by Eduardo Pansica."

The character design, which you can see below, begs a lot of questions for fans of DC. Mainly, where do The Wall's allegiances lie?

If this guy is coming into the fold via Suicide Squad, it would be easy to guess that he's a villain. However, judging by his costume, that may not actually be the case.

Not that a suit determines whether you're a good or bad guy, but The Wall's design just seems to scream "Law enforcement." With a star in the middle of his chest, and the Judge Dredd-esque style of his suit, The Wall seems like someone intent on bringing evil to justice. Perhaps to a fault.

The new Suicide Squad arc beginning in issue #35 will bring Hack back into focus. The synopsis for the issue teases the character squaring off against her former team members, which could likely be how The Wall comes into play.

Could the Suicide Squad turn to a high-tech law enforcement agent to stop Hack from tearing them apart from the inside? The new issue will hit shelves on February 14.