New 'Suicide Squad' Photos Of Unused Harley Quinn Costumes

Suicide Squad divided fans, but its handling of Harley Quinn was one of the film's high points, and a new costume that didn't make the cut has surfaced.

The photo comes from Philip Maldonado, who worked as a costumer on Suicide Squad. Over the years he's built up a substantial collection of behind the scenes imagery, and one of those includes Harley Quinn posing for a mug shot in a sequence that got cut from the film. Maldonado mentions the sequence in the Man Behind The Sweater documentary, which featured a few different looks. One, in particular, didn't make the film at all.

That would be a Red and Blue netting number that resembles a Raggedy Ann doll. She also has a bright blue jacket tied around her waist but still has her trademark red and blue hair. The look is probably fine for a montage sequence but doesn't hold up to her other costumes.

The photos also show another costume, which goes with a red and blue look as well but with darker tones. This is more of a pantsuit with a slit from the neck to the navel. This look actually made the final cut but is only glimpsed briefly.

You can view the unused costume below.

(Photo: Philip Maldonado)

While Robbie was mostly celebrated for her work as Harley, the film got picked apart by critics and audiences. Robbie is returning to the character in several in development projects, and recently addressed if she will be changing anything based on that audience reaction.


"I think when it comes to something that has such a huge fan base already obviously you want to do the fans justice, you want to show them the characters that they fell in love with, but you also can't be paralyzed by the idea that you can't please everyone," Robbie told

Robbie is attached to 3 films at the moment. The first is Suicide Squad 2, which will not have David Ayers back at the helm. The 2nd is a Joker and Harley Quinn standalone film, which may or may not be attached to the cinematic universe storyline. The third is Gotham City Sirens, which is believed to be more of an ensemble film. None of these projects have a release date.