'Supergirl's Saturn Girl Amy Jackson Says She Was a Karamel Shipper Too

Before Amy Jackson was cast as Saturn Girl and learned that her character would be married to [...]

Before Amy Jackson was cast as Saturn Girl and learned that her character would be married to Chris Wood's Mon-El in season 3 of Supergirl, she was actually a Karamel shipper.

For the uninitiated, that means that she wanted to see Supergirl and Mon-El together as a couple -- something that the two fluctuated on thorughout season 2, before a lead-poisoned environment forced Mon-El to flee Earth.

"Can I be honest? I was a fan of the show before and I was also a Karamel [shipper] before I even signed the show," Jackson told ComicBook.com. "So I am actually a fan of them also, but I think because I did my homework about the character itself, I knew I was getting into a sticky situation because it's already formed a relationship beforehand with Mon-El and Kara, but I know that this character is going to be very appreciated and loved because she is a strong character in herself. I think in this episode especially, there's a bond between Supergirl and Saturn Girl, which is nice. It's not all directly about the relationship and being Mon-El's wife. I think that's a totally different side to what people have seen before. I'm excited for people to see that, and to hopefully be accepted more into the Supergirl world."

As for fans who believe that a romance between the two is still possible, either because Saturn Girl could leave Mon-El or because they are not actually married, Jackson said that if those things are true she does not know -- but that some of the fan theories really intrigue her, and she wonders as much as the audience does what is coming next.

"I think the fans are the driving force behind the show," Jackson said. "They know what they want and they see things totally differently to us as actors. We're playing the part, but they see things from a whole different perspective. So when I read comments and people message me and tell me their ideas for stories and what they hope to see, I think sometimes, 'that could be a really good storyline.' It would be interesting to see whether the writers use some of these ideas in later episodes."

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "Fort Rozz," in which Saturn Girl and Supergirl team up with Livewire and Psi, will premiere on January 22.