Football Announcer Gets Clowned on for Saying "Superman and the Avengers" During Broadcast

Ohio State University’s football team was headed for a big game against the Penn State Nitany [...]

Ohio State University's football team was headed for a big game against the Penn State Nitany Lions on Saturday. No one could have guessed the biggest news to come out of the game would be a bizarre superhero reference from one of the announcers. Joel Klatt was on the call for this Big Ten rivalry game and things were going very well until one simple statement ignited a Twitter firestorm. While praising Ohio State's defense he said, "To throw the ball down the field is virtually impossible against Superman and the Avengers." That was going to get people rilled up because Twitter is just that kind of place. It wasn't long before there were a number of people clowning on the broadcaster for that mistake. It almost overshadowed the end of what was an entertaining game. For those who might be unaware, Superman is a DC Comics superhero while the Avengers are a team that resides over on the Marvel side of things. That small slip caused everyone to line up and take their swing at Klatt, but he wasn't trying to back down.

Klatt went on to comment on his mistake on Twitter. He said, "Gotta be honest…not gonna lose much sleep over a failed comic reference. If you're confused - join the club. If you think I'm dumb and this is funny - I agree. If you're upset - get a life #SupermanandtheAvengers"

If that wasn't enough attention for one day, the broadcaster decided to dip his toes in the water again. A later tweet would clarify that Klatt was planning to use the phrase again next week during the first quarter of a game. Would somebody stop this man? (Not really, it's honestly pretty hilarious and he's taking the ribbing in stride.) For one afternoon, fans managed to get their shots in and the rest of the Internet managed to get a cheap laugh.

Next week though, some production assistant has to get Klatt to explain the intricacies of Quantum Realm on camera or something so the comic book fan contingent of college football fans can stop dunking on him.