Teen Titans Go! Easter Egg Hunt Clip Released

Easter Sunday officially happens this weekend, and families will probably be going to some unconventional lengths to celebrate amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. If you're hoping to spend the weekend with some specifically-themed programming, an upcoming episode of Teen Titans GO! might be right up your alley. On Thursday, the series revealed a preview clip for its upcoming episode, which is titled "Egg Hunt". The clip shows Robin recounting his tragic history with Easter egg hunts while serving as Batman's ward, which makes the Titans consider helping make up for that with a new egg hunt.

Teen Titans GO! has become a unique and largely-beloved part of the DC TV lexicon, bringing an irreverent and endearing take on the iconic superhero team. The show has developed a penchant for holiday episodes, which have ranged from a meme-worthy Christmas episode to an episode where they literally fight farmers over Daylight Savings Time. They've already taken on Easter in three separate episodes, which are titled "Easter Creeps", "Booty Eggs", and "The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic". But given how bizarre and hilarious the show's outputs have been as of late -- including crossing over with the original Teen Titans, introducing a sixth team member for a summer, and parodying the controversy surrounding ThunderCats Roar -- it's safe to assume that their latest take on Easter will be pretty amusing as well.


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"Egg Hunt" will air Friday, April 10th on Cartoon Network.

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