Teen Titans Rebirth #1 Review - Still Finding Their Footing

DC successfully relaunched the Titans, and now it's the younger team's turn in the spotlight. Unfortunately, they don't get off to quite as smooth a start as their predecessors.

The premise is fairly straightforward in Teen Titans Rebirth #1. Ben Percy and Jonboy Meyers set out to reintroduce the group with small spotlights on their characters throughout. For fans of Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Kid Flash, the good news is that their characters tend to hue closer to their pre-New 52 demeanors, with the exception of Wally, since this is the New 52 Wally West and not the West that is currently running around in Titans.

Teen Titans Rebirth 1 Starfire
(Photo: DC Comics)

You're probably aware of the other member of the team (seen on the cover), which happens to be Batman's son Damian Wayne. Damian is supposed to be an instigator, someone who you can't help but like despite how much of a jerk they are. The thing is, he can easily become simply a jerk, with little to no redeeming qualities if he is allowed to. In Teen Titans, you can't help but feel he's learning towards the latter, as who in their right mind would join a team with him as a leader after he basically kidnaps you and locks you up just to show you how inferior you are as a superhero.

Aside from that, this team doesn't have the built-in nostalgia factor that came from pre-New 52 Wally West returning to his former teammates in Titans, which helps that book smooth over the rough patches as it continues to find its legs. With Teen Titans, there isn't quite enough here to get over the predictable plot.

Teen Titans Rebirth 1 Flash
(Photo: DC Comics)

That said, what did help to smooth over its shortcomings was the at times jaw-dropping art from Percy, Meyers, and colorist Jim Charalampidis. The colors are warm and lush, especially in the Starfire panels, and the stylized lines allow for some fantastic facial expressions. Luckily they've got the look down pat, and now they just need to find their groove with these beloved characters.

The book and this team, in particular, have the potential to be something fun and entertaining, but so far it feels like it's still trying to figure out what it wants to be. The good news is it has plenty of time to do so.

Rating 3 out of 5 Stars

Written and Drawn By: Ben Percy & Jonboy Meyers


Colored By: Jim Charalampidis

Lettered By: Corey Breen