Batman Fan Artist Mocks Up Chilling New Robert Pattinson Poster

The world just got its first look at Robert Pattinson's Batman costume, which will make its debut in Matt Reeves The Batman reboot film. The Batsuit reveal was done via a teaser video that came with serious moody vibes, as Pattinson's Batman emerges from the darkness into a red-lit screen, looking like a shadow come to life. However, due to the red tinted lighting of the first costume reveal, we don't actually know what the color scheme of The Batman's Batsuit will be. Well, DC fans aren't waiting around to find out the answer to that question: they're creating their own fully-colored version of Pattinson's Batman costume!

We shared one early example of great The Batman costume fan coloring yesterday, when the new suit first debuted; today, we have a fan coloring scheme that (literally and figuratively) paints a much darker vision of what Pattinson's Batsuit will look like. You can check that out above!

Right now, there seem to be two camps of thought regarding this new Pattinson Batsuit. On the one hand, fans see the leather cowl with the Adam West stitching and think that this Batsuit should be a blue-and-gray color composite from classic Batman comics. Other fans see the armored chestplate and suit aesthetic and think of more modern Batman tales like the Arkham games or Batman: Noel, which come with much darker Black and grey color schemes. Clearly the artist above is hoping for the latter.

Based on the mood that Matt Reeves creates in this first costume reveal for The Batman, the darker color seem definitely seems like the most appropriate one. In fact, the look of Pattinson's Batman costume is certainly one of the most menacing we've seen onscreen or the comic book page. It conveys the idea that this younger Batman (in Year 2 of his career) is still somewhat unbalanced and intense when it comes to controlling his darker impulses. Striking fear into criminals' hearts definitely seems to be high up on the agenda with this costume, so the brighter colors and/or underwear on the outside of the costume (while classic) would seem totally out of place.


If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at this first reveal of The Batman costume:

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