Key Batwing City Exists in the Arrowverse

The Flash returned with its midseason premiere Tuesday night, finally offering fans a look at what the new reality of Earth-Prime looks like for Central City and its heroes. Thanks to the return of the rest of the Arrowverse shows, fans were already aware that there would be some differences in things post-"Crisis on Infinite Earths" but The Flash's "Marathon" offered up a pretty specific list of some of those differences, including the revelation of a variety of locations that are now part of the Arrowverse on Earth-Prime -- including a city key to the DC hero Batwing.

Spoilers for The Flash's midseason premiere, "Marathon", below.

One of the things that is shown in "Marathon" is the various information that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) has compiled about Earth-Prime. He has white boards set up in STAR Labs documenting these details, especially ones that deal with the timeline as it now stands on Earth-Prime and another that outlines different cities and locations now known to be part of things. Now that Supergirl and Black Lightning are both part of things we see their locations on Cisco's map, but we also see some other locations as well, including one that may ring a bell for Batwing fans: Tinasha.

In comics, the first Batwing was David Zavimbe, a representative of Batman Incorporated from the city of Tinasha, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The city is an important figure in David's story as it is his base of operations. Born in Tinasha, David's parents died of HIV/AIDS when he was very young and, after, both David and his brother are taken from the orphanage they were placed in and turned into child soldiers. David escapes life as a child soldier and eventually becomes a police officer in Tinasha. In that role, he remains committed to justice despite grave corruption. It's part of what prompts Batman to induct David as a Batman-like figure -- Batwing -- in Africa.

What makes the inclusion of Tinasha on Earth-Prime so interesting is that it could end up having potential ties to Batwoman. In comics, when David resigned as Batwing, Lucius Fox made a new Batwing suit that was given to his son, Luke. With Luke being a prominent figure as Batwoman's sort of Alfred figure in the Batwoman series, it isn't too big a leap to think that we might not someday see Luke himself suit up if necessary -- maybe even as Batwing.


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