The Flash: Jessica Parker Kennedy Teases Nora and Bart's Temporal Adventure in "Impulsive Excessive Disorder"

The Flash returns tonight on The CW after a few months off air with "Impulsive Excessive Disorder". The new episode will see sibling speedsters Nora and Bart Allen return to their own time — 2049 — after having helped stop the Godspeed War only to discover that things aren't quite right, prompting another return to the past for the pair. Of course, the West-Allen kids aren't heading to just any point in the past. They're heading back to December 2013, the time after their dad was hit by lightning and was still in a coma before he became The Flash.  Ahead of tonight's episode, spoke with Jessica Parker Kennedy about Nora and Bart's time travel adventure and Kennedy teased that fans can expect a fun brother-sister dynamic as they try not to totally break the timeline.

"We can expect to reminisce, I suppose, on sort of a very original version of The Flash. There's some characters from long ago that we get to see, which is very exciting, and it was special for me to be able to work with some of them," Kennedy said. "And a lot more brother, sister, ridiculous dynamic of Nora being the level-headed one and Bart, of course, being a lot more like OG Nora was, Season 5 Nora was, which I kind of really enjoy about that character. Because you can sort of feel though that Nora and this Bart being related, I think much more than this version of Nora and Bart being related. And I love that about him so much, about the character. And yeah, very, very high stakes, as per usual with the show, and a lot of just brother and sister dynamic, trying to figure out how to save the day without screwing everything up without their parents."

The brother-sister dynamic between Bart and Nora has been one that fans have enjoyed since first seeing the pair together last season and Kennedy said that part of comes from getting along well with Fisher in real life.

"Jordan and I get along really, really well. I think Jordan is an incredibly high energy, high vibration kind of person so he's a lot like his character," Kennedy said. "I think it's easy for us to work together because we sort of suit our characters really well. So, for us, the dynamic has always worked immediately. Because I think in a lot of ways we feel like siblings."

The Flash airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Impulsive Excessive Disorder" debuts tonight, March 9.