The Suicide Squad Fan Makes Amazing King Shark Wood Carving

We're approaching the one year anniversary of The Suicide Squad and in the time since then the fan appreciation for the James Gunn film has only grown. Characters from the movie have returned in the Peacemaker HBO Max series, with more projects seemingly on the way, but one of the biggest new additions to the DCEU that fans latched onto was King Shark. Voiced by Sylvester Stallone and played on set by Steve Agee, Nanaue found his way into fans hearts and the anticipatiuoin for him to return is high, but we didn't expect him to come back this way.

As noticed by Screen Rant, chainsaw carving artist Proud Squirrel took to social media to show off their King Shark wood carving, something they created as part of the "Heroes vs Villains Chainsaw Carving Battle" at the Washington State Summer Con. Not only did there sculpture of King Shark look amazing and get a warm reception, but Steve Agee himself was present at the event and took a photo with it, which you can find below. Even James Gunn reacted to the news on social media.

Back when The Suicide Squad was filming,'s Brandon Davis paid a visit to the set and spoke with Agee and his co-star, David Dastmalchian (Polka-Dot Man), about Agee's work as King Shark, who explained his function as both the on-set King Shark in addition to his other role in the film.

"I'm doing what Sean Gunn did for Rocket, is doing the motion capture," Agee explained. "But it's really easy. I come in and we run the scene with me and my weird suit and headpiece, and then I get to go sit down, and they keep redoing the same where they're going to digitally put-"

Dastmalchian chimed in, "We always do it once with, once without, once with, once without. And if you guys are followed, and I'm sure all of you know and are familiar with how much Sean has brought to the Rocket character, what's really fun is ... Because Steve is a great actor all across the board, but he's also just a brilliant comedian and improviser, so what's fun is when we're shooting ... I'll allow it. I put a pillow here. It was a very early casting decision because he knew that-"

"I was tall," Agee added. "(James Gunn) needed somebody tall. Like, literally needed somebody tall.

Those hoping to see King Shark again on the big screen in a sequel to The Suicide Squad may be unlucky as James Gunn recently seemed to shoot down the idea of a follow-up.

"Yeah, we've talked about it," Gunn previously explained to The Playlist about a sequel. "But the honest truth is, I just have so many hours in a day to work on stuff. And I had such a fun time working in television that I really think that's what I'm going to spend the next year of my life doing."

The Suicide Squad is now available to buy on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD.