The Suicide Squad: How To Find Secret Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo

The Suicide Squad has a secret Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg and fans have been quick to search for it in the trailers. James Gunn has been hinting that all the reviewers missed this detail. But, SlashFilm actually managed to spot the Guardians inclusion out in the wild. This weekend, the movie hits HBO Max and theaters, so you can go out and find it for yourself. *However, if you want to go into The Suicide Squad completely unspoiled, don't read any further* Apparently, earlier in the film, Task Force X is charged with casing an adult establishment with dancers present. Viewers might wonder why the camera lingers on the dancers on stage for so long. Well, Pom Klementieff, Mantis from the Guardians, is front and center among the ensemble. Without the antennae and the eyes, it would be hard to place her, but she's there alright.

Gunn told the Happy Sad Confused podcast that this little nod went unnoticed and that genuinely surprised the heck out of him. "Well, I mean people know I almost cast Dave [Bautista] in a role and he couldn't do it, so he didn't," he explained. "Other than that, well, there might be a Guardian somewhere in the film that no one has seen yet and I'm so surprised by… I've gotten a hundred reviews from this movie and I'm just astounded."

For the most eagle-eyed observers, King Shark might have tipped this one-off. On Instagram, Steve Agee referenced Pom in a post with the cast watching Joker together. From there, you can see that she must have been on-hand to film the cameo. Pretty sneaky all around.

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If Gunn gets his way, there will be some more weird Guardians magic to be had. He told IndieWire that he'd like to direct an R-Rated Drax movie at some point. Gunn began, "I could go off and make a Drax movie that's R-rated, that I would love to do, like barbarian Drax. But the 'Guardians' movies are fables, and I don't think of them like that. I don't write them like that. It's a different type of movie, and you can have some gore and some scary darkness in there and things like that, which is good, but it's not the rock and roll of 'Suicide Squad.'"


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