The Suicide Squad: Here's the Catchy Trailer Tune

The first trailer for The Suicide Squad has arrived. Like any other James Gunn joint, fans have [...]

The first trailer for The Suicide Squad has arrived. Like any other James Gunn joint, fans have come to expect a killer throwback soundtrack for the blockbuster, and the trailer has already delivered on that front. Within seconds, the first look teaser takes fans right back to 1972 by featuring Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" as the first song associated with the film.

Following similar situations for both Guardians of the Galaxy features — which featured Blue Suede's "Hooked on a Feeling" and "Fox on the Run" by Sweet — the song choice is one most would consider "peak Gunn," as it signals another soundtrack jam-packed with classic rock hits. Better yet, "Dirty Work" is the perfect song to go alongside the creed of the Suicide Squad. Dirty work is, after all, the sole reason for the team's existence, right?

Earlier this year, Gunn himself said the trailer would be well worth the wait — something Squad star Joel Kinnaman quickly backed up. According to the House of Cards alum, the soft reboot introduces fans to "a whole new universe."

"With James Gunn, it's a whole new universe. It's a completely different thing," Kinnaman told The Playlist. "We kinda all just started with a blank slate... It doesn't feel like we're doing a sequel in any way. It's a strange kinda middle ground of a reboot. Something in between there."

He added, "I don't think [Gunn] had to compromise one iota of his vision. He really got to do exactly what he wanted. And it's definitely going to be the biggest budget R-rated movie that's ever been made. And it's heavily R-rated and super silly. It's really like childish, childish humor and it also finds these profound moments where you get really emotionally moved. And then it's super violent and then it's really silly again… Every character is just so ridiculous."

The Suicide Squad hits theaters and HBO Max on August 6th.

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