'Titans': Batman Debuts in Season Finale Trailer

Well, the debate of will-they-won't-they has come to an abrupt halt on Friday morning. Batman is [...]

Well, the debate of will-they-won't-they has come to an abrupt halt on Friday morning. Batman is going to be on Titans this season, in full cape and cowl, and the first footage of Gotham City's Dark Knight has just arrived.

After releasing the 10th episode of Titans Season One on Friday, DC Universe released a trailer for the upcoming season finale, which will air next week according to the streaming service. The trailer is all about a showdown between Batman and Dick Grayson, which makes sense given the storyline. However, what nobody expected to see was the Batman, in action, in the trailer.

But he's there, punching bad guys, in full uniform. There is no more wondering whether or not the freshman action series will actually show the Batman. He's no longer the mysterious figure in the shadows.

Batman is on DC Universe.

From a story perspective, this tracks given how Dick's journey has unfolded over the course of the season. Having been Robin in the past, he makes it very clear that he doesn't agree with Batman's methods. Their contrasting ideologies is what caused Dick to leave in the first place.

No matter how much this works in the story though, it's safe to say that no one thought this would actually happen on DC Universe, especially not this early in the series. Batman is undoubtedly one of the most popular comic characters in the entire world, which has caused DC to be cautious about where and how they use him. He has been referenced quite a bit in Titans, but it's certainly a surprise to see him in costume on the show.

The big mystery now becomes, who did DC Universe hire to portray Batman on the show? The service has yet to reveal anything about a potential Batman casting, so that will likely be a big reveal during next week's finale.

Did you expect to see Batman on Titans this soon? What do you think will become of the Dark Knight on the show? Let us know in the comments!