Titans Reveals First Look at Blackfire

The second season of Titans on DC Universe has dug a little deeper into the backstory of all of the members of the titular superhero team, including Starfire, whose origins were initially one of the biggest mysteries of the series. Comic readers have long known that he's of royal blood on her home planet, and the second episode of the new season introduced her former bodyguard and lover who had been sent to Earth to bring her back home. Her choice to on Earth with the Titans clearly hasn't sat well with the folks back home, most notably her sister Blackfire, who paid Starfire a devastating visit in Friday's new episode.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for the latest episode of Titans on DC Universe! Continue reading at your own risk...

In Friday's new installment, Starfire is informed that her sister, who is a villain in the comics, took over the throne since she failed to return home. Shortly after, Faddei is possessed by some strange substance, later revealed to be the influence of Blackfire. It doesn't take long for Starfire to figure out that Blackfire is controlling Faddei and she's forced to kill him in order to free him. Once she does so, Blackfire reveals herself in a hologram.

Most fans assumed that Blackfire would be coming to Titans at some point this season, and Friday finally made things official. During her Titans debut, Blackfire delivered some terrifying news to Starfire.

blackfire titans dc universe
(Photo: DC Universe)

Since Starfire had always been the favorite child of the family, the one destined to rule, Blackfire decided that she needed to get rid of at least part of the problem if she was to take charge. She killed both of their parents in cold blood, telling her sister, "I have my own family now. One that loves me. Just me."


The exchange ends with Starfire declaring revenge on her sister, so it looks as though there will be even more to their story as the season goes on.

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