'Titans': Robin Drops an F-Bomb in First Trailer for New Series

Fans finally got their first look at the trailer for DC Universe's inaugural series, the live-action superhero show Titans, and it's just as grim-dark as you hoped and/or feared.

The trailer was loaded with bone-breaking action and intense scenes of gore, but the definitive highlight came when the Not-Quite-A Boy Wonder dropped an F-bomb to disparage his former mentor and partner:

"F**k Batman," Robin proclaims in the new series. So, no, this isn't something you should let your kids watch after seeing Teen Titans GO! To The Movies.

The scene takes place when Robin, played by Brenton Thwaites, ambushes a group of thugs, prompting one of them to taunt the caped crimefighter and jokingly asked "Where's Batman?"

Robin then promptly beats the ever-loving piss out of everyone with some dramatically cool looking, but totally inefficient in a practical application of fighting, aerobic moves and then coldly declares his new mantra.

F**k Batman, indeed!

The new trailer was also loaded with some other violent moments, though that tends to be part and parcel with a lot of DC Comics-based media nowadays. It's the F-bomb that will get people talking for sure, but not the only part of the trailer that's indicative of Titans relishing in the darkness.

At one point, Minka Kelly as one half of Hawk and Dove gets into a fight with a criminal and uses her metallic wings to crunch his legs, causing blood to squirt everywhere. So, yeah, this is definitely not a CW show. Expect to see scenes of Beast Boy doing cocaine any day now, if this trailer is any indication.

Kelly teased her character's fighting style during a previous appearance on an iHeart Radio show with Mario Lopez, revealing to the former A.C. Slater that the series will make some major changes from the comics.

"I have a background in ballet, in gymnastics, and jiu-jitsu, so I'm pretty talented. So I can fight, and I have a super suit, and I have wings. I have 30-pound wings that I wear that — I can't fly because they try — it's realistic as possible," Kelly said. "I can't fly, because that would be not realistic, you know? I'm a real person. I have wings, but they're my shield, they're my weapon, so I take people under my wing and I protect them, and I slice people with them when I fight. The fighting — we all have our own individual specific style of fighting, and mine, in particular, is like a dancer."


We'll find out more as Titans gets ready for release on DC Universe this fall.