Netflix Releases New 'Titans' Poster

The Titans are ready to assemble in a new poster.A new piece of promo art for Titans has made its [...]

The Titans are ready to assemble in a new poster.

A new piece of promo art for Titans has made its way online, ahead of the series being released internationally on Netflix. The art shows Dick Grayson/Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Starfire (Anna Diop), Raven (Tegan Croft), and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) in a fighting stance, in front of a sunrise sort of background.

New Titans poster for Netflix! from r/TitansTV

The series, which has already debuted in its entirety on DC Universe's streaming service, sees the four heroes reluctantly joining forces to defeat a dark evil.

"They're all lost, and they find one another to form this surrogate family." co-executive producer Geoff Johns explained in a previous interview. "[Teen Titans] was, for its time, very controversial. It pushed the envelope really, really hard. We wanted to do a show that did the same thing. But I will say, the trailer, I think some people think 'Oh, it's all this, or it's all that.' The show is a bunch of different tones. But that's a part of the show, that's definitely part of the show."

And for those who have been on the fence about whether or not to binge Titans, the series has a confirmed second season (and potentially more) already in store.

"In early days we kind of grossly discussed the first three season just in very large blocks." executive producer Akiva Goldsman explained to "And obviously with serialized television, what's great these days, is you can do setups and payoffs at least within the season and there are also some that we hope will be able to pay off next season."

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Titans will be available on Netflix on January 11th. It's currently available on DC Universe.