Todd McFarlane Confirms His DC Comics Figures Will Include Movies and TV

McFarlane Toys is taking over the DC Comics action figure license, and McFarlane recently revealed the DC Multiverse toy line will not just include classic depictions, but also ones from movies, TV, and more.

It was announced at Toy Fair that McFarlane and DC had entered into a new partnership that launches in 2020, and McFarlane gave a new interview that broke down what fans can expect from the line. He hopes to get started right after Toy Fair, saying "Want to talk to you about DC Multiverse that we're going to be doing coming up in 2020. So as soon as we get out of here at Toy Fair we're going to start working on it so that we can literally try and ship you stuff starting on January 1st, 2020."

As for what that will include, McFarlane is opening up the spectrum wide, so odds are if there's a primary character you happen to like (i.e. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc), you'll get to see several iterations of them based on movies, TV, video games, and of course comics.

"Let's look at some of the categories we're going to do," McFarlane said. "We're going to do movies. We're going to do TV. We're gonna do comic book versions. We're gonna do animated versions. We'll do the core toy line and then maybe even some video game stuff. So that gives us a wide range so that in any character you can think of, whether it's Flash, I can do a version of each one of those. I can do TV, I can do movie, I can do comic book, I can do regular toy line Flash, animated Flash, video game Flash, so if you like Flash we'll be able to do a big wide range of it."

As for articulation, you know when you get a McFarlane figure that area will be up to par.

"We're going to do lots of the obvious stuff which is the highly detailed, articulated product that we've done before. We're going to be doing articulation that you guys have seen recently on Fortnite which is anywhere between 18 and 24 moving parts, so all of the figures are going to be able to move in a cool fashion."

"So is there going to be anything super interesting that hasn't been seen before? We hope to bring some of that too, but at its core I got hired to do what we do best which is to just get stuff accurate, make it fun, give you a good price, and do enough articulation in it that you guys will want to go and get it so that you can have these cool premium collectibles that also should appeal to everybody else."


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