Twilight Franchise Has Perfect Response to Robert Pattinson Reportedly Playing Batman

Last night, DC fans around the world were given some surprising news: Robert Pattinson was cast in [...]

Last night, DC fans around the world were given some surprising news: Robert Pattinson was cast in the titular role of Matt Reeves' The Batman. However, shortly after the news broke, it was reported that the deal had not been finalized, and that Nicholas Hoult was also in the running to play the caped hero. In the brief, beautiful moments when RPatz was thought to be a lock , the Internet had some great reactions, including the official Twilight account on Twitter.

You can check out the franchise's response below:

Of course, this is a reference to the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob phenomenon that hit when Twilight was popular.

Even for those of us who rocked a Team Jacob T-shirt 10 years ago, the idea of Robert Pattinson playing the Dark Knight is an intriguing one. While many people know the actor from his days playing Edward Cullen, he actually has a rich filmography since that time. Some people have already started petitions to stop Pattinson from being cast, but we're willing to bet most of those people haven't seen Good Time.

Lots of fans commented on the #TeamBruce tweet, some with their own hilarious reactions and others to praise the casting.

"Finally vampires can turn into bats," @jenniferanwston joked.

"Good luck to him. It's certainly an interesting choice & he's grown so much as an actor," @maskofdphantasm wrote.

"Best tweet out of this whole thing," @Manu_V added.

Whether you love the idea of Robert Pattison as Batman or hate it, it appears nothing is set in stone. Variety initially announced Pattinson's casting, but Deadline's report about Hoult being in the running was backed up by the Hollywood Reporter, which states that Pattinson has not yet signed a deal. You can read more about the confusion here.

The Batman is said to be a different version of the film franchise that we've yet to see. Focusing on the detective aspect of the character, it is said to be a noir-inspired tale that will deal heavily with a major mystery.

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The Batman is currently scheduled to release on June 25, 2021.