Zack Snyder Announces The Director's Cuts

DC fans have been calling for a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, and while this newest event with the director won't include that film, it is the next best thing.

Snyder took to social media to announced a special three-day event at the ArtCenter called Zack Snyder The Director's Cuts. The event will take place on March 22nd through March 24th, with a screening each night of a Snyder film and a special Q&A session after with the director, members of the cast and crew, and special guests.

The event kicks off with a screening of Dawn of the Dead Director's Cut at 6 pm on the 22nd, and then on the 23rd, it's time for the Watchmen Director's Cut at 4 pm. On March 24th at 4 pm it's time for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the Ultimate Edition, and we're sure a few questions regarding this film and how it originally tied into Justice League will come up during the Q&A.

You can check out the poster for the event above.

"It's my birthday, but I got you all something... hope to see you there."

The only thing to make this better would be a screening of Justice League, though perhaps he didn't include it because it ended up being half directed by Joss Whedon after Snyder departed the project. Either way, we know some Justice League questions will make their way into the event, and we're interested to hear what he has to say.

Snyder has shared several storyboards from the original version of the film, ones that didn't make it in at all or were changed or tweaked. We know at one point Darkseid was supposed to make an appearance in the film, as was Kiersey Clemmons' Iris West, which would've connected to the then Flash film, though that project has undergone some changes since then.

For now, the DC universe is starting to move into a new direction, going with more individual films that can exist on their own with only the smallest of tie-ins to the greater universe, as opposed to the heavily connected Marvel universe vision that they were attempting early on.

Next up for Snyder is Army of the Dead and The Fountainhead, which don't have release dates as of yet.



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