Zack Snyder Addresses If He Regrets Not Using The Squid In His Watchman Movie

Zack Snyder is addressing the discussion about that squid at the end of Watchmen. The director famously chose to go with a different explanation for what caused the destruction of New York City in his adaptation of the graphic novel. Well, in some new comments to Uproxx about the film, the Justice League director has some insightful comments about using Dr. Manhattan in that spot against the squid. In fact, Snyder was in the mood to joke about how someone might end up teaching a class on the difference between the two forces as they relate to Alan Moore’s original work. It’s an interesting question and the director’s tactics with the film adaptation have sparked discussion ever since the release. (Like or love Snyder, it seems that all of his works get debated into eternity by the fanbase at large.) Check out what he had to say down below.

“And by the way, I love Watchmen. I have no regrets. I love that movie 100 percent. It’s exactly what I wanted,” he argued. “And in some ways, I think there’s a great college class that someone could teach on the difference between Dr. Manhattan and the squid. And why we would have chosen Dr. Manhattan and how thematically that works as it relates to the climax of that book. But I would also say, that based on doing the movie that I just did, Justice League, I might consider it. Only because I feel like it would have required a slightly longer movie to do the squid, than say, Dr. Manhattan.”

Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof was ecstatic to bring the original splash page to life in his HBO series. He explained his process to Collider last year.

Lindelof recounted, “Super-duper exciting, incredibly daunting. From the jump, before we even did the pilot, I said to everybody on the crew ‘Just so you guys know, we’re doing the squid. We’re going to do November 2, 1985, so just start wrapping your brains around that.’ Eric, our VFX supervisor, and Matt, when we were talking about them coming aboard the show I said, ‘Just so you know we’re doing the squid’ and they said ‘Yes!’ “


“They were so excited. We knew that we were going to do it, we knew that it would happen in the range of Episode 5 or 6, so that they’d have some time to plot it out,” the showrunner added. “We knew that we wanted there to be some sort of fanfare to the reveal. And Steph Green, who directed the episode, she got the script and I think she was very excited to be the one to turn over that particular card, and she directed it masterfully.”

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