Zack Snyder's Justice League Concept Art Reveals Detailed Look at Green Lantern Kilowog

Some new concept art from Justice League’s Snyder Cut shows off what Kilowog the Green Lantern could have looked like in the movie. DC Comics artist favorite Jerad Marantz posted a look on his Instagram account. From the moment the trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League dropped, people were immediately wondering about how these Lanterns would fit into the larger narrative. That short presence in the film could have been beefed up with Kilowog for sure. The beloved Green Lantern has been present in numerous books and television shows featuring the “main” Earth characters. However, this would have been a major step for not only DC Comics but Snyder too. It’s not every day that a filmmaker would be given all that free reign to chase their vision singularly in this way. Luckily, it worked out for both the company and the creator as the completed vision includes a lot more of these small nods to continuity.

“Well we don’t see poor #kilowog for very long in #zacksnydersjusticeleague . I had an incredible time working on him with costume designer Michael Wilkinson,” Marantz wrote. “Kilowag is one of my favorite DC characters and I’ve always wanted to see a version of him leaning more towards pitbull than pig. I hope we get to see this guy in action one day.”

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Snyder actually talked to The Nerd Queens about how he approached the next steps after Justice League.

"If you said to any of the actors in the movie 'well what happens in the movie' or 'what happens later' or whatever for any movie. And they go 'well I got the script and it's cool and I kind of know this and-' so [Ray Porter] and I were talking about this and what's cool or what's the right response to some questions," he explained. “It's a fair question to ask me, you know, like what do I say to the world about, you know, what happens when Darkseid comes to Earth? Then what? You know, Is that a thing? And I think, listen, the truth is that did I write and did I have and conceive a complete- do I know what happens when Darkseid... yes. I do know what happens. To say and to speculate about what that is and that that would be exciting, I think that's a fine thing."

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