Crazy Taxi Now Free on Mobile, Controller Support Live

crazy taxi
(Photo: SEGA)

Sega is looking to promote its idle-clicker game Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire on mobile, and that's good news for you because you're getting the original Crazy Taxi for free. To make sure "that drivers around the world have enough time to practice their crazy driving skills," the iOS and Android versions of Crazy Taxi, which were originally $5, are now completely free with ad support. If you already purchased the game in the past, then nothing will change for you, and you still won't have to deal with ads.

Old-school players will be even happier to know that controller support has been added to the game, so if you're playing at home you have the option to sync up your favorite Bluetooth controller and play the game like you used to on your Dreamcast instead of using touch controls. Of course, if touch controls are more your flavor you're more than welcome to stick with those.

As mentioned, this is all being done to promote Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire. An idle-clicker / management simulation game where players will "fight against powerful ride-sharing company Prestige Megacorporation and its infamous leader Edelbert Von Guber." If it sounds far-out, that's because it is. The more we read from the listing, the more intrigued we become. Idle-clicker games compose a strange and alluring genre that has continued to swell over the years, and this one seems to be getting a lot of positive reviews from fans. More on Gazillionaire:

"In SEGA’s all-new Crazy Taxi idle clicker just tap to unleash the mayhem. The more your driver’s deliver, the more cash you make! The crazier they drive the faster you earn. And the more you earn the happier you will be. So let the good times roll."

  • Buy, grow and upgrade your fleet of crazy cabs
  • Hire and level up a cast of new and classic Crazy Taxi drivers
  • Each driver has a favorite type of cab. Match drivers to cabs for extra bonuses
  • Master multipliers to more quickly expand your routes across the cities
  • Prestige your business for even greater wealth
  • Fun and fast play sessions perfect for playing on the go or whenever you have time

We're not sure what to think of Gazillionaire, but we know that classic Crazy Taxi is a gem that shouldn't be missed by anyone. Relive your teenage years and download it today.