Tonight’s New South Park Episode Will Tie In With The Fractured But Whole


The new season of South Park is upon us, and, as expected, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are coming through with all kinds of topical jokes that we’ve come to expect from Cartman and the gang. But tonight’s episode is going to be special, especially if you’re picking up The Fractured But Whole next week.

According to the official South Park Twitter page, tonight’s episode will serve as a precursor for the events that are going to unfold in Fractured. Though an official episode description wasn’t given (the tweet simply reads, “All-new #SouthPark TONIGHT!!”, it does show an image of various heroes from the game, including Cartman’s ‘Coon character. (You can see that image above.)

The episode’s name is Franchise Prequel, and it points at the jokes that come from within the game, in which Cartman is looking to set up a “franchise” for himself and his super hero friends – but then things get divided and throw those plans into chaos. This episode could discuss how things get started for the super group – and perhaps point at what Professor Chaos in building up to as well, since he’s in the game as well. (Yeah, Butters!)

A preview of the episode can be found on the official Comedy Central page, and though it’s a bit on the brief side (30 seconds), it shows Chaos looking up profiles of Cartman and company on Facebook while cackling to himself.

That’s when Butters’ father comes bursting in, asking if he’s looking at boobies. The evil genius responds that he’s targeting Facebook followers and hitting them with misinformation to “spread chaos,” and then he goes laughing again.

This could set the stage for a big showdown on tonight’s episode to get fans excited for The Fractured But Whole – as if the cavalcade of clips and hilarious trailers didn’t manage to do that already. On top of that, players can create and adapt their superhero however they see fit, using a number of styles when it comes to fighting enemies.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole releases on October 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.