Dragon Ball FighterZ Release Date Revealed

A release date for Dragon Ball FighterZ has been confirmed by Bandai Namco following what appeared to be a leak of the date through the Ultimate Edition of the game being listed on Microsoft's site.

Announced on Monday by Bandai Namco, Dragon Ball FighterZ is now scheduled for a worldwide release date of Jan. 26, 2018. Prior to the announcement, a release date of Feb. 1 had been scheduled for Japan with an "early 2018" timeframe for a worldwide release, but it appears that the developers have bumped up the release.

The confirmation of the release date was preceded by a listing for the game that appeared via Microsoft, a listing that had the game coming out late on Jan. 25. Up until that point, there hasn’t been a confirmed worldwide release date for FighterZ, but those dates being confirmed now provide Dragon Ball fans with a solid date to base their expectations on.

The Ultimate Edition that was shown through the retailer is currently available for preorder through Microsoft for a hefty $109.99. This deal offers content both up front and through what appears to be a season pass for future DLC.

Prior to this listing and another confirmation from Bandai, there hadn’t been much talk of DLC options for FighterZ. This season pass-like option that’s being called the FighterZ Pass guarantees eight DLC fighters later on, and it can be purchased with separate from the base game for $34.99. The Ultimate Edition also comes with an Anime Music Pack that contains 11 songs from the anime in addition to a Commentator Voice Pack.

The release date seems to be quite a bit sooner than some might have thought given the vague date that was provided for the worldwide release and a Japanese release date slated for February, but it's definitely welcome news. More details will hopefully come on what kinds of DLC characters players can expect to receive before the game releases on Jan. 26 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.