New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer Shows Off Captain Ginyu and the Ginyu Force

A new trailer that’s been released for Dragon Ball FighterZ brings together the Ginyu Force that’s being led by the playable Captain Ginyu.

Captain Ginyu will actually be the only member of the Ginyu Force that’s available to play as in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but he’s certainly not going into battle on his own. While the leader of the group employs his own signature attacks at times, he can also call in the help of his charismatic underlings to assist him in his techniques.

Jeice, Burter, Recoome, and Guldo are all shown in the trailer alongside Captain Ginyu with all of them chaining attacks together with their Captain. Captain Ginyu won’t be able to swap out with them like he can with the three-fighter teams that Dragon Ball FighterZ uses though, so don’t expect to be changing places with Recoome or Jeice to sub Ginyu out for a while.

However, Captain Ginyu does still possess the power to swap himself out with others in a different way. For those that remember Captain Ginyu’s signature move in Dragon Ball Z, you’ll be pleased to see that he still retains the ability to exchange bodies with another fighter if he’s able to land his move. Shown in the trailer above, Ginyu fires a beam from his mouth that strikes his opponent and completes the Body Change attack.

If he can successfully swap places with his opponents, it’s one of the most game-changing moves that he has in his arsenal. By completing the move, he not only receives his opponent’s body, he receives their health bar as well. For those going up against a Captain Ginyu and his Ginyu Force, getting him low enough to beat might not guarantee a victory because he might just be trying to bait you into a quick Body Change.

The reveal of Ginyu’s trailer follows the confirmation that he’d be in the game alongside several screenshots that featured him, his Ginyu Force, and Nappa along with some story mode details. In addition to these fighters, more combatants that’ll be playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ are expected to be revealed soon.