Kingdom Hearts III’s Release Date May Have Been Hinted At

Kingdom 2

We’ve only been seeing bits and pieces of Square Enix’s long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III over the past few months, but they’ve been the right pieces, from a stunning reveal at the Electronic Entertainment Expo showing action sequences, to the reveal of a terrific new Toy Story world that’s sure to be a focal part of the game.

But one thing we still don’t know is a release date. In fact, a lot of people are second guessing whether we’ll even see the game in 2018. However, a new retail listing by Target may be indicating that next Christmas will be something special for Kingdom Hearts fans.

Our good Twitter friend Wario64 recently reported a retail listing for the game from Target’s website, where it noted that the game would be released on November 1, 2018.

Embedding a tweet posted by a Twitter account named Speedycerv, the listing notes, “We wanted to let you know that the release date has changed for the item that you pre-ordered. The new release date is Thursday, November 1, 2018. Please approve the new delivery date as soon as possible to avoid cancelling your item. Thanks for your time.” (You can see the tweet in full below.)

Now, this is just a posting from a retail site, and not from Square Enix directly, so we’re taking it with a grain of salt. Some people are calling this a mere “placeholder” date for the game, as retailers have done this in the past with some games. However, there are some interesting things to note.

First of all, when retailers use placeholder dates, they’re usually later in the year, like December 31, or the last day of a season. We’ve seen Gamestop and Best Buy use dates like this often, and there’s no reason why Target wouldn't do the same. Why November 1?

For now, we’re stuck in a “wait and see” position, wondering when Square Enix will set its next big Kingdom Hearts reveal. There’s a slim chance we could see something next month during PlayStation Experience, which takes place in Anaheim, or maybe even The Game Awards. Again, though, slim – Square Enix could hold off new information until 2018 rolls around. And, hopefully, by then, we’ll know just when it’s arriving.

Kingdom Hearts III is slated for release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.