Hidden Character Customisation Menu Found In Star Wars: Battlefront II


Many online games allow their players to customise their characters in-game. It doesn't add anything play-wise, but it does give gamers a different type of an immersive experience when they can put their own style in their gameplay. It looks like character customisation is available for Star Wars Battlefront II, at least in code.

Data miner 'uninspired_zebra' has revealed their findings on Reddit that clues fans into what was either a scrapped idea by the team at DICE, or something that might be included at a later date. Captain Phasma and General Grievance models were found, in addition to an interesting little hidden menu option that could allow players to customise their players. All of their findings can be seen in the video below:

That iconic 501st Legion skin can be seen, as well as the Coruscant Guard. At this time, we don't know if this was something that was originally slated for the game that DICE and EA decided was no longer necessary - or if this could potentially be something added in the future. We know that the publisher has declared that they would like to filter in more and more microtransactions now that they are in post-launch phase, perhaps this is something that might be tied in with that? It'll be interesting to see what happens, especially given EA's stance on why they didn't want cosmetic items in Battlefront II. For now, we can admire what could have been/might be in the future with the above video.

Star Wars Battlefront II is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. To learn more about the upcoming free DLC pack and to see the new map in action, check out the latest TV spot for the Star Wars shooter here.