Pokemon Go Deals With Frustrating New Raid Bug

Pokemon Go players struggled with a new raid bug that prevented players from catching Raid Bosses.

Pokemon Go players on Reddit identified a serious new bug that could potentially ruin an entire raid group's experience. The new bug would prevent the catch screen from appearing after beating a raid, meaning that players couldn't attempt to catch Pokemon like Ho-Oh.

The bug had plagued players for several days, but it was difficult to determine what was causing it. On Saturday, players discovered the "trigger" for the bug: other players in the raid group. Apparently, if a player dropped out of a raid group mid-raid, it would cause all other players in the group to not see the raid boss catch screen.

Not only did this impact players who had someone in their group with a weak WiFi or cell phone signal, it also stymied players who were attempting to help larger raid groups out. When coordinating raids with 20 or more players, a few high level players will often drop out of one raid group to help a smaller raid group out.

Luckily, Pokemon Go identified the problem on Saturday night and quickly issued a fix. By early Sunday morning, Niantic announced that they had fixed the issue so that all players could finish raids.

Of course, some players are hoping that Pokemon Go either reimburses players for raid passes that were wasted because of this bug, or extends the Ho-Oh event as an apology. Pokemon Go hasn't made any indication that they'll do either of these things, but they have usually made some sort of gesture to fans when bugs like this are discovered.

Hopefully, this is the last bug that impacts Pokemon Go players during raids. We'll keep players updated if game developers decide to take any other steps to soothe some of the heartache caused by the game's latest problem.