Rumor: Video of Huge Nintendo Switch Update Leaks

2018 is going to be bringing some big things for Nintendo, especially with their first direct of the year slated later this month! That being said, a new video has surfaced to show the Nintendo Switch 5.0 update with includes a pretty impressive list of add-ons for the hybrid console.

According to the video at the top, Nintendo fans can see the potential addition of clients such as YouTube and Twitch, as well as the rumored Party Chat that Discord has been trying to strike a partnership with the Big N for awhile now. According to the initial tweet, this is update is allegedly supposed to hit in February, and has been shared on multiple outlets, including Nintendo Switch Brazil. That being said, this is a "leak," and not confirmed information, so it's important take this information with a grain of salt.

Some are calling the video a fake, though others are saying it's a "damn good fake if it is" from the extensiveness of it. This would be huge for Nintendo if this is actually in the cards, and gives us even more of a reason to be hyped about the upcoming Direct. One other interesting development to this is that the initital video that started it down was abruptly taken down, which does usually point to validity to certain leaks when they happen.

With more third party apps that offer a more social side to the latest console from the big in, if this video ends up being insight into what is truly on the way then there are definitely a lot more reasons to be excited to be a part of Team Nintendo!

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming Nintendo Direct.