Skyrim Expansion Mod Lordbound Gets Gorgeous Scenery Update


A new article update has been made to Lordbound, a gigantic Skyrim expansion mod that adds hundreds of hours of game time through new quests and original content. The mod has been in development since 2015, but through the use of monthly updates, the creators of the mod have been able to satisfy potential players with new looks at what will likely feel like a full-fledged game on its own. The update introduced a new video showcasing the game's various environments, immersing the viewer into the Druadach Valley. Watch it below:

The various scenes almost tell a story on their own, weaving the viewer through the different places and conditions that they can expect to face along their journey. Along with the video, the mod's creators promised more updates soon including a "more detailed progress report" and a description of the challenges that the team faces ahead on the road to release. Last month's State of the Mod update followed a summer and fall season of silence, letting players know about the delay in the game's release from 2017 to 2018. "The good news is that Lordbound's main story is two quests away from being playable from start to finish," the mod's creators wrote at the time. "Dungeons are also all nearly finished and ready to receive polish! We'll also be releasing a new trailer next month to show you that Lordbound is an actual thing that you'll be playing in the future." Now, they've made good on that promise.

On its ModDb page, Lordbound is described as a "massive story expansion for Skyrim with 30+ hours of original content. Visit the valley of Druadach and embark on an epic quest to bring peace to this war-torn region. The mod adds a new region, three faction questlines, non-linear quests, dungeons, new weapons/armor and more. Your actions will determine the fate of Druadach Valley. For better... or for much worse."

Lordbound has no exact release date as of yet, but it's set for some time in 2018.