Enchantress Joins the Injustice 2 Roster Today

Heads up, DC Comics fans, Enchantress joins the Injustice 2 roster today for anyone who purchased the Ultimate Edition of the game, and anyone who purchased Fighter Pack 3. For anyone who is playing the standard version of the game and purchasing characters a la carte, Enchantress will drop next week on January 16. You can see her character trailer above, which actually gives us a great look at her style, moveset, and super move.

Enchantress looks to shake up the meta with an interesting hybrid approach. A lot of her moveset seems to be focused on counters and zoning, which is great for harassing all kinds of opponents. For those who like to get up close and personal, multiple counters can be employed to punish their aggression. Summoning an undead walker (or is it a demon?) is also a great way to keep your enemies at bay.

Playing against zoners, like Deadshot, is also a made a bit easier with a little magic. In fact, you'll notice that the gameplay trailer opens up with a match against Deadshot. Watch as Enchantress puts up a magic barrier which absorbs one of Deadshots bullets, and then sends back a magical projectile. We're not sure how long that shield remains active, or how many shots it can absorb, but it will hopefully provide some relief against players online who like to sit back and spam shots.

Now that Enchantress has finally been revealed and joined the roster, there's only one character left -- make that characters. We're talking, of course, about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who will be making their way to the roster soon. The TMNT reveal blew everyone away, and you can relive the hype and watch the reveal trailer right here! We'll have more on these guys soon, and we can probably expect some actual gameplay next month. Stay tuned!