Capcom Announces Monster Hunter World's Latest Sales Record, Topping 6 Million Copies

(Photo: Capcom)

While it might not take all that much brain power to guess how well Monster Hunter World has been doing in sales, it's always nice to have the numbers to back it up. Today, Capcom announced that its worldwide phenomenon of a game has shipped a combined six million units worldwide between digital and physical sales. The announcement comes just two weeks after the game's simultaneous worldwide release, a first-time experiment for the franchise that has paid off in spades. All of this good news isn't quite a surprise when considering the game's long history, and the mountain of fans who have shared their adventures across social media since the title went into its first beta.

The overall sales have broken yet another sales record, setting the bar high for all releases ahead of it, of which Capcom has plenty. Monster Hunter World is now the fastest-selling Capcom game ever, having previously broken an initial record of 5 million copies sold within the first three days fo release. Monster Hunter World is topping charts in other categories as well, making it to the number one spot in PlayStation's reported January sales for the PlayStation 4, and knocking PUBG off of its throne on the Microsoft Store for the top selling spot. In the game's beta alone, players spent over ten million dollars to build and craft their characters into monster hunting pros (along with their adorable Palico companions). This is all ahead of the game's Fall PC release, which may bring even more good news for the franchise that seems to be expanding by the day.

Along with sales numbers, Capcom promised a long life for the game, and a rewarding experience for the players that stick around in the long run. "Capcom will roll out further cross-industry initiatives to increase long-term brand value and capture an even wider fan base," the company stated in a press release, giving brief nods to the already-announced Monster Hunter film adaptation as well as the Universal Studios Japan attraction, Monster Hunter: The Real. The game's most recent update adds armor to help characters transform into the heroine of Horizon: Zero Dawn, and a recent game play trailer has introduced characters to Street Fighter's Ryu, explaining a little more about what he's doing in this world.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game's official PC release is set for Fall of this year.

Source: Capcom