Nyko's Power Shell Case for Nintendo Switch Combines the Most Important Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch has seen no shortage of accessories since launch. The Switch accessories market is actually booming right now, and no matter your need, you're likely to find dozens of manufacturers vying for your dollar. One thing you will certainly want to buy for your Switch is a carrying case, and I'm sure you guys can imagine how competitive that space has become.

nyko case1
(Photo: Nyko)

I own four carrying cases for my Nintendo Switch, ranging in price and quality. Nyko recently sent me its 'Power Shell Case' for review, and I've been really pleased with it. This is a hard-shell case with a smooth, rubbery outer coating to ensure it won't slide off sloped surfaces. It comes packed with an internal 5000 mAh battery, so you can charge your Nintendo Switch while playing on the go. There are also ten Switch cartridge slots build into the case, as well as four microSD slots.

If it sounds like the total package, that's because it pretty much is. For $39.99 I can't really ask for much more, but there were a few things that bothered me about this case. My main issue is its lack of cushioning on the inside. When your Switch is in this case, it feels very heavy. If you drop this thing from chest height onto a hard surface, you're going to bust something open.

There are two foam cradles which rest under your Switch, a foam strip that will rest over the screen (it comes with a microfiber cloth to cover your screen), and then some foam which outlines the parameter of the case. It may be that you have one or two good drops of this thing before it cracks open and your Switch gets damaged, but I would have loved to see some discreet cushions added to the outer corners of the unit to prevent such a hard shock upon impact.

It's a small complaint, especially for those of you who take care of your hardware. If you do not plan on dropping your case, and I hope that you don't, the Power Shell pretty much eliminates the need to carry an external battery around with you everywhere. The 5000 mAh battery won't quite double your battery life when playing demanding games with the brightness turned up, but it's more than enough to get you through prolonged gaming sessions, and through those cross-country flights.

nyko case
(Photo: Nyko)

What I especially like is the built-in stand, which drops down at the tug of a finger and has a couple of different positions. At its most extended your Switch will still remain fairly upright, so if you're playing with your case far below you it doesn't offer the greatest viewing angle. Most of the time, though, it's just right, and you can charge your Switch right there as you play.

For those of you prone to accidents, you may want to find a softer-shell case that you can drop without worry. For those of us who only intend to take these cases in and our of our backpacks on planes, buses, or office chairs, Nyko's Power Shell Case consolidates a few of the most important accessories into a really premium-feeling package. For now, this is what I place my Switch in every morning before I go to work.