Helpful New Pokemon Go Bug Makes Catching Pokemon Much Quicker

Pokemon Go players have discovered a new glitch that lets players reduce the time it takes to catch a Pokemon.

Over the weekend, players discovered a new bug in the recent update that lets players skip the Pokeball shaking animation when attempting to catch a Pokemon. The new bug also allows players to entirely skip the subsequent catch screen as well.

While most bugs are a detriment to Pokemon Go players, this new bug is actually quite helpful, as it allows players to quickly move from Pokemon to Pokemon, saving tons of time in high-spawn areas.

So how does the new bug work? Well, when attempting to catch a Pokemon, use your non-throwing hand to swipe the PokeBall icon on the bottom righthand corner of the screen from right to left and hold your finger on the screen. As long as you hold your finger on the screen, the Pokeball selection screen won't open. With your other hand, toss a PokeBall at the Pokemon. Once the PokeBall hits the Pokemon lift your other finger, which will open the Pokeball selection menu. You can then dismiss the menu and press escape, which lets your skip the catch animation and screen. You can also check out the video above for instructions on how to skip this animation.

If you've caught the Pokemon, you'll get an error message. Otherwise, the Pokemon will continue to appear on the overworld map, meaning you can just repeat the process until you actually catch it.

So far, we haven't seen any negative consequences to using this exploit, so we're guessing this is just a harmless (and temporary) bug. While we're sure that Niantic will fix this bug with the next update, players should still take advantage, especially if it sticks around for the next Community Day later this month. The prospect of being able to efficiently catch hundreds of Dratini should excite any Pokemon Go player.

Hopefully, Niantic takes note and eventually gives players an option to skip in-game animations. Evolving Pokemon in the game can especially be a bore and players have long asked for a way to skip watching a Pidgey evolve into a Pidgeotto for a billionth time.