Military RPG Long Gone Days Gets a Release Date and New Trailer

Chilean developer BURA has announced that its dystopian military RPG, Long Gone Days, is poised to release later this month on PC, Mac, and Linux, via Steam Early Access. Arriving on March 28th, it will notably be BURA's debut game.

To accompany this announcement, BURA has also released a brand-new trailer showing its game's unique sniping action, puzzles, and more.

Long Gone Days first arrived on the scene via an Indiegogo campaign, where it successfully garnered funds, as well as quite a few eyeballs. As for the game itself, it is a 2D modern-day dystopian RPG that has you follow the story of Rourke, a young soldier from The Core, an isolated military settlement operating under the surface of the earth. The Story of Long Gone Days picks up after Rourke discovers a “dark truth” about operation Kaliningrad, an operation which he was previously involved with. Following this revelation, Rourke deserts his post, despite the consequences of doing so during an inescapable war.

Long Gone Days notably doesn't feature random encounters or needless grinding, but is rather very plot-driven. As for traditional RPG mechanics, it ditches leveling up in favor of having your party members progressively learn new skills, receive new weapons, etc. As for your party members, keeping their morale high is another key mechanic of the game, just like in war in real life. Throughout the game you will be presented with dialogue choices that will affect your team's morale in different ways, which then carries over to their performance on the battlefield. Each member is notably unique, meaning that you won't always be able to keep everyone pleased.


Unique to Long Gone Days, party members also are very important, because as you progress through the game's real world locations, you will encounter NPCs who speak their native tongue. And thus you will need specific party members present in certain locations to step-in as interpreters.

It's unclear how much Long Gone Days will cost when it launches, but it should be at a budget-friendly price. As of right now, BURA has only announced the game for PC, Mac, and Linux, however, the developer has said in the past it would like to eventually support consoles as well.