Ahri Changes Pulled From PBE Until Later League of Legends Patch

Buffs for League of Legends’ Ahri have been pulled from the PBE, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be coming back.

Those who main the champion have probably been keeping up with the ongoing changes being tested on the PBE that offered different buffs and power transfers such as putting more power in certain abilities. While more than one version was being tested, one possible outcome included Ahri’s Charm (E) once again having the damage amplification affect that it once did should Ahri players successfully land the ability. Another potential result put more power into Ahri’s Spirit Rush (R) ability instead by reducing the cooldown of Ahri’s other spells every time she used one cast of the multi-cast ultimate.

But in another tweet from Riot Games’ Rick “Ricklessabandon” Maher, the Rioter said that the changes for Ahri that were being tested for a Patch 8.6 release are being pulled so that more work can be done on the champ’s abilities. He gave a new tentative release timeframe for the changes with Patch 8.7 being the new target, though he added that it could take longer.

When asked about the damage amplification buff on Ahri’s Charm that longtime Ahri mains used to have many patches ago, Riot Ricklessabandon said that “doing the charm amp along with the newer changes” is still the goal, though it won’t be in Patch 8.6. This means that Ahri will remain the same as she is at the moment when it comes time for Patch 8.6 to release, but Ahri players can continue keeping up with the Rioter’s tweets to see what changes for the champion hit the PBE in between the next patch and future updates.



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