Battle Royale Comes To Tabletop With Last One Standing

last one standing

The battle royale genre is huge right now, as you've undoubtedly noticed, but it's not just restricted to video games. Those that enjoy a solid tabletop experience can get in on the battle royale buzz with Last One Standing.

The Kickstarter Launch is slated for May 1st, but the creators have tons of content to enjoy before then. At their official site here, you can see all about the different playable characters with detailed back stories and what they have to offer players.

This is what the team had to say about the upcoming experience:

(Photo: Last One Standing)

"In Last One Standing - The Battle Royale Board Game up to 8 players find themselves on an ever-shrinking map where they must move, loot and shoot their way to be the last one standing.

In the year 2025, a new reality television event has seized international attention called, Last One Standing. Participants from around the world compete for the title of world champion in this ultimate life or death battle. The competitors are parachuted onto an island where they will explore, loot, fight and kill for their own survival. Anyone can play, but in the end, only one can remain. Will you be the last one standing?

If you’re more of a team player, partner up and play the game in duos mode.

Whatever the case may be, Last One Standing is your chance to experience the thrill of battle royale around the table."


There's the stoic Santiago, the determined Ella, the honorable Riku, the "bored" Norman, the punky Katie, and the Chieftan of a Zambian tribe Asha. Each playable character has something to offer, each with their own histories and personalities.

The Kickstarter isn't live yet, but you can subscribe here to get updates or check out the main page come May 1st. In a market that seems to be oversaturated by the battle royale genre, Last One Standing hopes to break the mold a little bit while also offering an at-home experience.